Tourists in boat horror undergo surgery spinal, head injures

Several tourists injured at the Kimberley’s famous Horizontal Falls will have surgery for a variety of serious injuries, including broken bones and “deep lacerations”, as clinical psychologists begin to treat the patients’ mental scars.

Royal Perth Hospital’s head of general surgery, Dieter Weber, said the 12 patients who had been flown to Perth just over 24 hours earlier had been through multiple departments including orthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery, trauma surgery and radiology.

“This has been a large collaborative effort,” he said on Sunday.

“The patients came to us with a number of injuries, particularly injuries such as broken bones, (so from) various muscular skeletal injuries, ligament injuries, to limbs.”

Dr Weber added that while most of the injuries from Friday’s incident involved fractures and large wounds that required a range of orthopaedic and plastic care procedures, doctors had treated a number of head injuries as well.

“We’ve had multiple patients having to go to surgeries for their injuries (and) we’ve got ongoing surgeries on these patients too, depending on what those injuries are,” he said.

“Most of the surgeries have been limited to single surgeries where we have been able to fix the injury in in one surgical operation.”

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